Tamara L. Wilson
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From: NC, US

Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Soul

Tamara L. Wilson

Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

Music with a positive vibe, to help somebody, somewhere feel a little better! Spread the Love!

In short, music for me started as a child singing with my 'Papa' and my Dad in a down home sing-a-long. My first party!. No accolades to brag about. I just love music and give it what I got!

'Paradise' album released 2018, 'Freedom' EP 2018, and 'Your Own Kind Of Beautiful' EP 2019. These songs have several influences; pop, soft rock, blues, count…

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  1. Change Gotta Come

  2. Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

  3. Easy

  4. Everything To Me
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Florida, United States

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