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From: CA, United States

Genre: Reggae, WORLD, indie

The O in *TRIBE-O*™ stands for the WORLD and provides a good context within which to talk about this spiritually healing and musically explosive group of artists! ~

Based in Southern California, founded in 1995 in Miami, Fla., *TRIBE-O*'s theme is "UNITY THRU MUSIC". We believe the POSITIVE outweighs the NEGATIVE! The way to the heart is LOVE and the way to the soul is PEACE!~

*TRIBE-O*'s songs speak about joy and pain, human struggles, racism, equal rights, and many other social issues of today. ~…

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Thursday, September 09, 2021
Very reminiscent of the old days with Steel Pulse- Aswad- Bob Marley, so lucky to be around at their emergence