From: NY, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, RAP

From Feva ta Don to F(dot)Dolla. From J.Hussle to OLA De'. What started out as a basement brew has quickly emerged into the Hip Hop phenomom deemed THA O BOYZ aka Tha Outsidahz but scene Tha Outsidahz name has been copyright they shorten their group name to the group now know as Tha O Boyz. This duo that got its start "spittin" rhymes on a karaoke mic in "The Dungeon," is now on to bigger and better things. From Music Video shoots and networking with local radio host and DJ to Club performances throughout Westchester, Harlem, Connect and even Canada, to Studio recording in The Bronx and upstate New York to even New Jersey, these two dynamic power house are sure shots for the entertainment business bring their own personal life style's to put their mark on this art that we call hip hop culture.

Tha O Boyz have been building a track record since' 03 and show no signs of stopping. Thought currently residing in "Tha Skills" aka Peekskill, NY both artist hail from different areas in The Bronx.

OLA De' is originally from Fordam and Decatur while F(dot)Dolla is from soundview.The two crossed paths while attending P.H.S in the fall of' 98 where they started a friendship that is flourishing into music making history. yet it wasn't untill five years after there inital meeting that the pair realized they both shared such a passion for rhyming.

Now in 2010 Tha O Boyz are on the path to stardom, and until their interview, they leave us with these thoughts:

"Hussle got a lot of muscle, just in case you gotta tussle"- OLA De'

"F(dot) Dolla better Know as Fev, in the strip club throwing cash like I'm gratin cheese"- F(dot)Dolla

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