T680 Interstate Production's
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From: NY, United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, R&B, Instrumental

Terrance T680 Walton

Name Terrance James Walton

Born In Yonkers New York

Currently Employed As A Truck Driver Been Driving Trucks Since 2008

Accomplishments: Music Producing, Video Editing, 3-D Animation, Photo Editing

T680 Brings His Style Of Music To You From the Cab Of His Semi Truck While Riding Up & Down The Interstate When T680 Is Not Driving He's In The Semi Lab Mixing Up Tracks For His Fans To Enjoy! Look Out Cause T680 Might Be In State Near You!

Interstate Productions: Is The Brain C…

T680 Interstate Production's songs
  • Why By T680 Ft. Yona Marie

  • Freekend Weekend By T680 (Follow On Instagram)

  • Help Me By T680 (Follow On Instagram)

  • Oooh 6ix8ighty By T680 Interstate Productions

  • Take Your Aggression Out On Me By T680

  • Physc By T680 *6ix8ighty* Records

  • Travel With Me By T680

  • Gurl You Got My Attention By T680

  • Just Let Me Love You By T680

  • Love Life Pain By T680

Videos From T680 Interstate Prod…

  1. Why

  2. Why Are You Hiding

  3. Take Your Aggression Out On Me

  4. Sending You My Luv

  5. Freekend Weekend

  6. Help Me

  7. Physc

  8. Travel With Me

  9. 680 Degreez
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