From: Germany

Reggae, Dancehall, Rock

Tommy Kaub - vocals and guitars (Germany)

Sista Steffi - vocals (Switzerland/Jamaica)

Sista Sam - vocals (Curacao)

Noah Kaub - Drums (Germany)

Benedikt Rauch - bass (Germany)

Stefan Hartmann - keys (Germany)

special guests:

Cecil Reuben (Jamaica-London)

Mystic Man - vocals (Cameroon)

On June 30th the German-French Reggaeband SUPERJAM around singer-songwriter and guitarist Tommy Kaub release their 2nd album“RootMission“.

The concise sound, Tommy Kaub’s impressing voice, the very committed and ambitious lyrics and also the exceptional songwriting give SUPERJAM an outstanding position in the German music scene.

As the debut “rEvolution pARTy“ from 2012, SUPERJAM thematisize also this time injustices,

dark deeds and atrocities - and in the sense of Marley, Tosh or Lennon - with much message and dedication for the people; no love-songs .....

“RootMission“ has been produced completely in the own studio in Germany Frankenthal and is released by the own independent label. Tommy’s love and passion for Reggae, started in the late 70’s with Peter Tosh legendary album “Bush Doctor“; and it was Tosh who reached his hand to Tommy on his very last tour over ’Germsmany’

(“Mama Africa“, 1983) to thank him sincerely for a bit support... .

You can assign the songs of “RootMission“ more or less to traditional Roots-Reggae - however a taste of

Dancehall, (Alternative-) Rock, HipHop, Latin, Jazz ... create a very own ’high-produced’ Sound with interesting

to experimental arrangements and intelligent to intellectual lyrix in German and English language; French and Brasilian vocal phrases from Sista Steffi, MysticMan und Sista Jay add a multi-cultural range to the opus.

The energyfull and turbulent live-shows equal a festival with many international vocals;

and SUPERJAM frequently jam, rock and dance 3 hours and more, till tumbling over or till the audience ground arms voluntarily..... .

Since the band was found in 2007 the work(ed) live with Mellow Mark, Ras Abraham, Singing U., The Busters, Mad Professor, Joe Ariwa, Redhed, Lady Marga, Vitamin X, Black Prophet, Mamadee, Marlon B., Jonny M., Cecil Reuben .... and they tour all over Europe with full enthusiasm between Faro, Vienne and Manchester.