From: Norway

Reggae, Roots, world music, mantras, conscious music, high vibration

Super Deluxe is a lively reggae band inspired by India, rainbow gatherings and flower power. When playing LIVE, the audience sings along even if they’ve never heard the songs before. The CD Best Quality was made in 2005 and has already dedicated fans around the world, especially in India, Russia and Israel…

Super Deluxe started one day around the kitchen table as Ellen and Bjørn blended Indian bhajans with reggae and added a touch of rock'n roll attitude. They have both spent a lot of time in India, on the road living the free life. Proud hippies, they sing with humour and love about an alternative life-style; about peace, love and understanding. It's groovy, catchy and happy music fitting for a party at any time of the day.

Super Deluxe is an organic whole of people coming and going in an unpredictable flow. The core consists of Bjørn Vasudev Årstad, lead vocal, guitar, percussion, laser gun etc. assisted by Ellen Molnia, lead vocal, mandolin, percussion, flute, harmonium etc. In addition, the following people was involved in the creation of the album Best Quality: Carl Svensson, sound effects, bass, synthesizer and studio work, Fredrik Finckenhagen, bass and studio work, Håkon Sagberg, keyboard and Roger Käll, bass and studio work.

Soon, very soon, the new album Jah bless! will be out! You can already listen to the title track and Shiva her at Radio Airplay!

I & I chipped in with our talents:

Bjørn Vasudev Årstad (vocals, guitar), Ellen Molnia (vocals, mandolin, harmonium, bansuri), Sigmund Vatvedt (sitar, charango), Hillevi Knutas (accordion, keyboard) Helene Allvin (vocals), Jonas Larsson (bass, djembe), Doddy Sambodo (bass), Gembull (drums), Carl Svensson (vocals, lead guitar, bass), Dag Pierre (percussion), Peter Follet (lead guitar, keyboard), Trond Sigvartsen (lead guitar).

Good times had in Antida Studio (Bali), Nataraj Studio (SE), and Moloch (NO) Mastering: Simon Cotsworth, Artwork: I Wayan Krishna