Stephan's Guitar Sounds
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From: GA, United States

Genre: Rock, Blues, Jazz

Stephan's Guitar Sounds are a collection of tracks recorded and produced at Stephan's Guitar Studio in Atlanta GA. Stephan's Guitar Studio offers live online guitar lessons via video chat by guitarist Stephan Likman. He has been playing and teaching guitar for over twenty years. He provides a solid foundation for his students to pursue additional instruction in all genres and styles of music. In addition to guitar lessons, Stephan's Guitar Studio offers online instruction covering digital audio productio…

Stephan's Guitar Sounds songs

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  1. Les Is More

  2. Steinberger Rocks Live

  3. Studio Slideshow

  4. Steinberger Blues Live

  5. Welcome to Stephan's Guitar Studio

  6. Stephan's Guitar Sampler

  7. Stephan's Guitar Talk

  8. Steinberger Shred Live
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Valencia Spain
Thursday, April 16, 2020
fantastic guitar