From: Austria

Dance/Electronica, Ambient, Pop


Starmill Records | Novamedia

Genre: Ambient/ Chill/ Downtempo

Applications: stuck in a traffic jam, driving at night, in your favorite bar, when it’s raining, when cuddling, after a walk, in general for deceleration and enjoyment.

7 years after their debut “EXERGONIC” the Austrian based SONIC ADVENTURE PROJECT presents their second full-length album, titled “WHO IS IN?” Quickly it becomes apparent that the skill of the two protagonists Peter Koellerer and Thomas Viehboeck has not diminished over the years and that they will continue to gain international recognition.

For many years the SONIC ADVENTURE PROJECT has been one of the most influential and internationally recognized names of the Austrian Chillout and Downbeat scene. The duo’s clear musical language separates it from the oftentimes colorless and indistinguishable productions of the genre and defines an “ambient alternative” to the (music-)noise of our days. Their list of acknowledgments and of tracks licensed to TV-shows and Compilations is remarkable and evidence that thankfully a composer’s place of residence is not of great importance anymore. What is important is that they know their “craft” and impress their listeners.

Partly responsible for their success may be the fact that Thomas and Peter do not depend or focus on generic rhythm-presets as a foundation for their lyrical ambient pieces. Their distinctive and at times moderate rhythms are a support for the melodies and harmonies which create a unique emotional atmosphere. The beautiful voices of singers Alex Dobner and Julia Noa Fischer further enrich and grace this musical production. As a listener, one almost can’t help but take a deep breath, pause and relax.

The Sonic Adventure Project has been introduced to the Chillout and Downtempo scene through their appearance on numerous compilations like the popular “Café del Mar” series.

Their debut album „Exergonic“ was a Top 3 Finalist in the Album of the Year 2006 Independent Music Awards. "Exergonic" was also runner up in the Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2006 - Best Ambient Album of the Year. The song "Forty-two" came in 3rd in the Best Ambient Song category. The song "Inner Journey" won a songwriting competition hosted by Song & Film and was nominated for the Hollywood Music Awards 2008. The songs "A New Morning" and "Hollow (Sine Remix)" received nominations for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2009 and 2010.

The music of producers/composers Thomas Viehboeck and Peter Koellerer has been played worldwide on select radio stations and has been used for TV, film and advertising. For example: Motion pictures "White Noise – The Light", "Solitary Man". TV series "Kyle XY", "10 Things I Hate About You", "The Glades". A Weitz & Luxenberg commercial featuring Erin Brockovich or recently an ad for the support of the relief efforts in Haiti.