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Smooth Jazz Beach Radio

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Smooth Jazz Beach Radio - The Newest and Smoothest Internet Station. Now in San Francisco!

Greetings ,

There is a new smooth jazz internet station out called, Smooth Jazz Beach,  I have owned the station for two years and now have over 20,000 listening hours per month worldwide. We just hit over 20,000 listeners for the month of October, 2010! True dedication! Smooth Jazz Beach Radio is celebrating the holidays with you and will have exciting new shows, world-wide.

Smooth Jazz Beach Radio is now accepting artist's submissions.

I look forward to starting a great relationship with you.


1). Our station averages over 20,000 listeners per month and growing.

2). Our average listening time per visit is approximately 45-60 minutes.

3). In the month of Oct. our total streams launched was over 30,000!

4). 165,7766:58 in Total Listening Hours since I started in August 2007 & growing.

5). The United States came in at #1 for Total Listening Hours with Japan in 2nd in Sept. & Oct., 2010.

6). Los Angeles came in at #1 for Total Listening Hours in cities this month with Washington DC in 2nd.

7). In October of this year my station was accepted to iTunes under Jingletown Jazz!

8). During the summer, I broadcast live from San Francisco, CA.

9). One of my studios overlooks the Oakland Estuary in Northern California.

10). Our Smooth Jazz Artists Receive World-Wide Recognition.

Let me know if this would be something you would be interested in. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Smooth Jazz Beach