From: MA, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Power Pop, Rock

Weaving a potent spell, the Shave sound is ambient and soothing to upbeat and explosive. Eccentric arrangements, surreal lyrics and incredible productions. Based in Boston, MA and fronted by singer/songwriter/keyboardist/producer Brian Riley, the band consists of an ever-evolving cast of talented session musicians and vocalists. .. .. Shave Librarian has won critical acclaim for their 5 releases, ARIEL, DONE DOG BROWN, THE BUTTER THIEF, GOD OF RAIN and UNCLE JOE, the CD Single from the movie "20 Questions." Check Shave Librarian out on ITUNES, RHAPSODY, EMUSIC.COM, NAPSTER & MORE! Stay tuned for the self-titled debut CD release from Brian's new band project, SailorSam (!!!