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Dance/Electronica, Pop, Rock, Alternative

Shangrilla-Dolls™ Label (Norway) ; represents and promotes an artistic collective providing a music production under its band name: Amonn & V2 (version 2). In 2007 ; D. Veen and A.E. Eik collaborated in remixing David Bowie and U2. Later, Mike Garson (David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt) features for the original creative albums. D. Veen applies a strategy to project a concept becoming different from a "usual band" ; an evolutive fashion profile is represented by alternative Models getting pigmalized as "muses" inspiring themes brought in a renewed manner: - Tributes and Remixes from famous bands or participation of artists coming from various horizons do express this collaboration. Established since 2006 until now: the marketing niche and its creative suite identity, had merged into a media solution with a new website: As a standing perspective with its promotion strategy it is proposing: Creations and later merchandizes (as Amon Neve® Crystal Jewels) channelized by the streaming of video-music performances, where vivid-animations are captured from a 3-D technology. Influenced by the British and American Pop-Rock ; this genuine original collection offers a different vision, benefiting from a timeless musical inspiration, vivifying standards and rock'n'roll HITS making history ; where Indie Label production and venture itself in terms of a collective elaboration ; had been much attracted by other musical concepts such as: Daft Punk, Aphex Twin (Astralwerks) and Gorillaz. Since 2015 Spotify gets 1 million streams for Clocks (Coldplay V2 Latin) : about 2 million plays until 2020 for the integral A&R. The music is no longer available on iTunes ; Amazon or Spotify. The integral collection now shared as a fanclub at Bandcamp.