Severed Resistence
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From: FL, US

Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

Severed Resistence is a Thrash Metal band from Daytona Beach, FL, who recently came out with a brand new studio EP: Wishing Well. The songs explore a wide range of influences, ranging from old-school thrash to melodic death metal and other styles.

Brutal...Extreme...Thundering...Heavy...Call Severed Resistence's brand of Thrash whatever you want...but what it pure unadulterated "in your face" Metal. Like a sledge hammer to your cranium, Severed Resistence pounds into your head with infectious r…

Severed Resistence songs
  • Struggling Through Deception

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Florida, United States

California, United States

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Sunday, October 25, 2020
Heavy AF!