From: NY, US

Dance/Electronica, Synthpop, New Wave

Sandor Gavin is an artist and songwriter based in New York City. His sound sets the bar higher in terms of creativity, especially because it strikes as a powerful combination of different styles and aesthetics. Sandor’s vision is refreshingly open-minded, combining synth-pop influences with new wave aesthetics. His music has a lush, energetic and dynamic feel, and it sports the melodic content that you would expect from some of the best and most iconic names in the genre, including influences like Depeche Mode and New Order.

The diverse edge of his sound is perhaps one of Sandor’s most appealing qualities, but his work is also definitely about performance. As an artist, he is genuinely connected to his material, and you can tell that music is a great means of self-expression for him. Check out Sandor’s music on your preferred digital streaming platform, and more importantly, follow him on social media and other online outlets, so that you can keep tabs on what the artist is up to these days, and follow his music and creativity.

Check out Sandor’s music:


-Partial to Blue (2010)

- Resonance (2011)

- The Rush (2011)

- Take me now "single" (2012)

- Fiction Theory (2016)

- Edge of Love (2016)

- Let the Radio Play "AM Mix" (2017)

- Fascination Inc. (2017)

- Lullaby "single" (2020)

- Definitive Motion (2020)

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