From: NJ, United States

Pop, Alternative, Folk

Some people will live their entire lives trying to figure out their life’s purpose. Some will find it when it’s too late, others never do. But then, there are those that discover their gifts, find their true passion, and chase their dreams every single day. Samantha Kromphold, a young newcomer to the pop music industry with a soulful voice and refreshing spirit that is wise beyond her years. The New Jersey native discovered her vocal gift at a very early age in life as she sang along to the songs of Bon Jovi and Cher while practically still in diapers.

As a mature teenager and still in high school, she joined her local church’s choir and worship team where she developed a vocal sound that is so profound, honest, and pure – one that truly connects her to the world. With

such a strong conviction and sense of purpose, Samantha is more than just a pop artist, she is a devoted guitarist, passionate songwriter and singer.