Sam Fonteyn (c.1925-1991, born Samuel Soden) was an English composer-pianist whose most significant output was for the Boosey & Hawkes Music Library, for which he composed and recorded countless works. Most are short character pieces for the piano with colorful titles indicating the images the pieces are meant to conjure. Others are bright orchestral pieces. Fonteyn's work has been heard on television since he recorded for Boosey & Hawkes in the 1970s; his "Pop Looks Bach" was the theme of the long running television programme Ski Sunday, and another music library recording was used as the theme of the British sitcom Please Sir!. His work has been featured recently on SpongeBob SquarePants and Family Guy (a vaudeville duo use Fonteyn's "Galloping Gertie" as a vamp in a recurring gag). Audio samples, Galloping Gertie:, Dirty Work at the Crossroads: