From: AK, United Kingdom

Rock, Pop/Punk, Alternitive


I was born in Bradford and grew up in Pudsey, Leeds where I started playing guitar at the age of 17 in punk bands, playing with various bands including Deja Vu and Flowers For Agatha,then moving down to London where I joined a band called Bleech, who were were a signed band. In London I formed an all girl band called Virago in the mid 90's, we had a couple of TV appearances and played with them doing mainly local gigs in London. I've recorded with 1980's Punk band Blitzkrieg recording the album 'Everything is Lies' and an Ep which were both released a few years ago. In 1995 I placed an advert in a music paper where Kim McAuliffe from Girlschool answered as she wanted to do a side project, we hung out and wrote a few songs together.I became good friends with the rest of the band too and Kelly the guitarist at the time asked me to join as she wanted to leave. I'd never played lead guitar so said no but in 1999 I finally joined and since then have recorded on the albums 'Not That Innocent', Believe', Legacy', Hit and Run Revisited'and the latest album 'Guilty As Sin' 'as well as recording various singles along with having guest appearances on our albums by Lemmy,Phil Campbell, Eddie Clarke, Twisted Sister,Neil Murray (whitesnake) and Ronnie James Dio. I've been touring now with Girlschool, for 16 yrs,playing headline and support gigs with various Rock artists such as Motorhead, Saxon, Alice Cooper and Dio to name but a few and playing festivals all over the world including Wacken, Hellfest, Sweden Rock,Montreal MTL Festival, Hard Rock Hell etc. At this present time I have put together a lovely bunch of women called Syteria and we are based in Yorkshire and we are about to rock this planet, so look out!*:) happy


I really can't remember a time when I didn't sing - it seems like I've been like this forever. I was born in a musical family in the west of Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very early age I studied music and classic singing. When I was twelve years old I started playing bass guitar and went mental about rock in most of it's shapes and forms. Soon I realised music was my true love. When I was a teen I sang and played in many different bands and because of this I met lots of fantastic people in the Buenos Aires under scene. Back in Argentina when I was in my early teens I played bass guitar and sang in many different hard rock and metal bands, some of them also featuring my brother Pablo, until my early twenties. In 2010 I moved to England and discovered music is a universal language that helped me meet even more amazing people. I have been part of different projects such as the metal band Eight Deadly Words, a rock covers band called Input To Main and a jazz/soul band called Soul Love Inc. Currently I sing in this new kick ass project called Syteria, and also play bass and sing in a funk rock band called Calvera.


I come from a musical family, my dad was the drummer in the NWOBHM band Raven, my elder sister plays a bit of bass and my brother is a DJ. I love all kinds of music and always wanted to play an instrument. My dad tried teach me to play drums but I was totally useless at it but I still wanted to play an instrument, my sister played bass a bit so my dad challenged me to learn some tunes on bass, one of them was Money by Pink Floyd, I managed to do it so my parents bought me my first bass which was a Daisy Rock (I still have it today). I started getting lessons from a local bass teacher and really took to it, I loved the groove and rhythmical element. I then acquired my pride and joy my White '82 Fender Precision. When I was 18 my family moved to Harrogate and I got a place at Leeds College of music. At this time I joined my dad's band StraightShooter, who I still play with. I was lucky enough to get tutoring by a great bass educator called Steve Ireland who has taught me everything from Jazz, Funk Soul and Rock and this has improved my technical playing. I have been influenced by loads of different bass players from the jazz and funk players like Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and Stanley Clarke to rockers such as Andy Fraser, Neil Murray and Geezer Butler. I have worked as a session player for both US and UK artists. Jax came to see me playing one night after she had seen some videos of me and asked me to join Syteria. In this band I get to do what I love best which is laying down bad ass rocking bass lines that make you want to move. Gear:- Fender USA '82 Precision Bass - Fender USA Deluxe 5 String Jazz Bass - Fender '62 Jazz Bass - Fender Fretless Jass Bass - MarkBass Bass Amplification


I started playing drums when I was 3 years old and never stopped since then. Early along the way I started creating my own music with whatever I had at my disposal, which was not so hard because all my family was very musical, with rock and roll and classical music at its roots, my house was always filled with instruments. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and played in several bands with different roles on them, mainly drumming. Studied drums with some private tutors and then had a run for almost one year in one of the top contemporary music schools there (EMC). My first band was a family trio featuring my father on guitar, Julia on bass, me on drums, and all of us doing vocals together. Then played on a hard rock band called Arje and simultaneously playing the guitar and vocals on another hard rock band called Akros, both of them with Julia playing bass and singing. Also played drums on a hard rock/metal band called Coercion. At this point I began to have multiple musical projects at the same time and eventually felt natural to me. After this I went back to my roots and played the guitar/vocals on a rock and roll band called Magma with my father on guitar and lead vocals. Then played drums and shared main vocals in an alternative/slightly progressive rock band called Sabot (will soon release a new album that was entirely recorded before I moved to the UK). I have been here for nearly a year now and I’m playing in an “Argentinian” rock/funk band Calvera, again with Julia on bass/vocals and me on drums sharing main vocals. Now finally joined this rocking project that I’m very excited about, Syteria.

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