Rosenstolz (German pronunciation: [ˈʁoːzənʃtɔlts]) is a German music band from Berlin. Their music combines several styles including rock, pop and ballads. AnNa R. and Peter Plate form the duo. They had their breakthrough in 1998 with the song Herzensschöner (Heart's Desire). Other successful hits include Amo vitam (I Love Life), Es könnt ein Anfang sein (It Could be a Beginning), Liebe ist alles (Love is Everything), Willkommen (Welcome), Ich bin ich (I am me).

Their records Kassengift (Box-Office Poison, 2000), Herz (Heart, 2004) and Das große Leben (The Big Life, 2006) and the live DVD Das große Leben - live (The Big Life - Live) all went straight to #1 on the official German album charts as compiled by Media Control; Das große Leben also reached #1 in Austria and #10 in Switzerland.