Ronald Griffin
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From: PA, United States

Genre: R&B, jazz, pop

Philadelphia born, Ron Griffin has always wanted to compose music and now he does it and he does it well. Ron started playing the bass at the age of seventeen and recalls learning a great deal from another Philly bassist Ralph Downs, who was cut out of the James Jamerson mold, Motown’s great bassist. Ron grew to love and copy Jamerson’s

Approach to the bass guitar.”One of the things that I learned listening to Jamerson’s bass lines was expressions and feels, or should I say feelings he injected into secti…

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    A tale of the heart
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    You r so fine girl
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    No strings attached
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    For my sons 1.4.3
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    Fiery hott
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    Mellow Inferno promo
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    So this is love
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