From: FL, United States

Dance/Electronica, Chill

He goes by the name DJ RJ or producer Ron Johnson or is known by his music group The UF-MIA. How ever you come across the music, the Miami Beach Old Sckool producer/song - writer, hopes you enjoy the musical journey as much as he is.

Raised in Greenburgh (a town in the city White Plains) NY, RJ moved to Atlanta, GA to start his career in Television. After a long career RJ was forced to retire due to the computer automating of Television stations, Ron moved to Miami Beach from Atlanta and started to dabble with music production again. After starting youtube chammel, of his video's went viral with over 450,000 views but youtube denied monetization because he used someone else’s music.

“I decided then I would produce my own music” The first single from his debiut album,.,“You gotta start somewhere” was actually used as a soundtrack for a 2016 video on his channel. “”I went back into my DAW and remixed it, added more synth parts and funked up the drum pattern and re-released it and it got really good reviews from listeners.

Ron who had always had a love of music for decades and a big fan of the funk era of Parliament Funkadelic, Cameo, Dazz band as well as the Jazz Fusion period of Weather Report, Chick Corea, George Duke and Return to Forever and Miles Davis, The British Invasion was also a Big Influencer, he became a big fan of simple complexity of the Beatles and the driving rock sounds of Who . The guitar wonderland of Hendrix, Santana and Eric Clapton and the electric funk of groups Yes and classical funky brilliance of Emerson Lake and Palmer, the groundbreaking R&B laced Electronic Dance innovative dance grooves of Germany;s Kraftwerk in EDM and Passport. In fusion.