Roman Rhodes & The Born Again Pagans
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Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Celtic/Folk/ Roots, Blues, 60s touch of jazz

Roman Rhodes has put out two CDs ,since this was last written, The Rains Volume 1, a beautiful singer songwriter compilation with powerful lyrics, featuring the Japanese instrument Niko (Chinese Erhu) and trumpet, and with his new band Shrine, The Beauty Blues vol1. Featuring Maryse Dumas on Flutes, Sado Fumihiko on Violin, and Aya Nado on Cello, Mark Williams on Bass, Larry Ransome on jambe, and Moray Crawford on Udu a powerful mix of classic folk with world rhythms and instrumentation.

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  1. Silver Rivers

  2. Here

  3. Poseidon

  4. String of Pearls
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