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Roman Lazarev, creative nickname Roma Levoberezhny , author of many books , along with George Voskanyan creative nickname Jora Nakhichevan , continue to delight fans of free urban romances , releasing a solo album, "Rostov- Kabatsky ." In an interview with Roma Levoberezhny says: "I created a group of " Resolution " gave name to the group , the name of my book of the same name . We have recorded two albums , do a lot of other steps in the music industry but life goes on , and for a number of reasons, the project had to be suspended , although I am more than confident that we have put it all together "Thus, in January 2013 born solo Roma Levoberezhny album "Rostov- Kabatsky ." Album is somewhat lyrical , and many listeners converging in the opinion that the genre closer to bardic performance , but slightly rougher , which, incidentally , the whole charm.

Roma Levoberezhny Jora and Nakhichevan not rest on their laurels and, together with Kiev studio FGSpro-studio led by director Alexander Chaly shoot the video for "Play -ka me buddy ... guitar ." "The process of filming took place mentally , it's easy and interesting. We professionals can not be otherwise . "Says Roman. In the near future another clip . And write the new album .

The site «RealMusic» songs such as " Lyrical History", " Play me -ka mate guitar ... " during the 2012-2013 year , took first place for several weeks, and is still in the top ten of many charts.