From: CA, United States

Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal

Roger Nemour has written, recorded and produced fifteen instrumental compositions featuring an explosive blend of rock, heavy metal, funk, blues, and jazz-fusion. Roger solely creates every track on this album, every sound, and every composition of the varied instruments. Playing the guitar and bass tracks he masterfully added tracks of saxophone, piano, organ, and an assortment of other instruments playing guitar through a Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer. The drum tracks are a compilation of time intensive developed drum machine loops and samples also meticulously created by Roger. The versatile skill needed to compose each instruments separate interjection and tone is brilliant.

Earlier years displaying his talent in the massive rock 'n roll houses gracing the Hollywood scene you can still hear the intensity required for holding audiences of chaotic magnitude The album travels across a mixture of genre's starting with the distinct driving Southern California rock sound as it does in "Shady Lady". You then immerse into a rock and funk odyssey when you hear “DFU Shuffler”, which oozes the essence of electric blues along with another stripper type blues song "Erika's Red High Heel Blues”. Not leaving you in a jazzy trance he bounces you back with 'Black By Popular Demand”. Then with "Missin' You”, which emanates a funky rock alertness. How Roger maintained personal obscurity is a mystery, however this album shouts what I have heard repeatedly from fans.and fellow musicians that Roger Nemour is the apex of gifted musicians.

Listen yourself, as you will discover each song that Roger’s passion created sends your mind escaping into an exhilarated state of rock ‘n groove.