Robin Henry
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From: Canada

Genre: Folk, Blues

Robin Henry born June 10, 1954 (64) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Now resides in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada.

Robin's interest in performing music started as a member of the New Folk Singers (age 12) in 1966. From there onto a short stint, off and on, as a single Folk Artist until age 20.

In 2005 he bought his first electric guitar and has rekindled his interest in music to a level of obsession (also has an addiction to purchasing guitars).

in 2010 he started songwriting and has sever…

Robin Henry songs
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  • Waiting For The Sunshine

  • Night Train

  • There's Got To Be More To Love Than This

  • Leave Your Hatred At The Door

  • Only God Decides

  • Close Your Eyes And Say Goodbye

  • It's Hard Going Home

  • Fade To Black

  • His Freedom Slips Away

  • Bring Back My Baby

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