From: United States

R&B, Neo Soul, Hip Hop

Sengbe Ben Yosef formally known as Ridgley Makins is one of the best R&B soul singers to come around in a long while. Ben as everyone lovingly calls him; has a powerful voice that rains funk and soul down on a track. His style of music is what the industry is missing in a lot of ways. It’s music from a soul purist with lots love and meaning. The sound is a modern take on an old concept the music is soul with Mr. Yosef’s own twist and turns. He has found a way to make thought provoking music cool again without being corny or to preachy and that’s no easy task. Sengbe as he wants to be known now; has a very positive vibe to his sound and a flare in his music that provokes progressive thought. The music was born in his rough up bringing in the streets of Washington D.C. and molded in the love he has found in life in spite of the chaos of inner city living. Sengbe prides himself on making music that is inspiring to the listener. The brother makes music that is motivational as well as entertaining but make no mistake this music is pure and true to the spirit of Rebel Music. In addition to being a great singer song writer Sengbe is a wonderful producer who produced almost every track on his five albums with exception of two tracks. Sengbe is also an aspiring music video director and photographer. Please give this wonderful indie artist a chance; help him to reenergize soul music with something it’s been missing for a while; the soul.