Rey (Denmark)

From: Denmark

Genre: Pop, Chill house, Ambiental

Behind the pseudonym Rey, you find a Spanish/Danish composer of ambiental music. His compositions can be described as atmospheric and relaxing melodies. His music takes you to a world of mystical ambiences and soundscapes. Tangerine Dream , Brian Eno , Future Sound of London and Biosphere are some of the groups which have inspired Rey’s compositions, which have many links to the early years of electronic music.

In 1999 Rey published his first original CD , “Hidden Vibrations”.


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  • Rey Feat. G.J.L. - "Monor"(Somos la monada)

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  1. Rey Feat.GJL - "Monor"(Monada somos..)

  2. Rey Feat. GJL. - Frase de sanación

  3. Rey Feat. GJL. - "Loving"

  4. Rey Feat. GJL. - "Seducción"

  5. Rey Feat. Peter Smith - "Tu eres"

  6. Rey - "Astral Flight"

  7. Rey - Reborn
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Monday, November 05, 2012
Rey posee mucho talento! Super!!! Rey has a lot of talent!