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From: United States

Genre: Christian/Gospel, Classic Rock parody, Praise and Worship

Retroactive Forgiveness,

Retroactive Love,

Retroactive Life,

Original Songs composed for a retroactive God.

Retro Classic Rock Parody Songs with Christian lyrics.

Bringing new life to your favorite songs.

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"Retroactiv" is a collection of musicians, song writers and worship leaders with a passion for Christ. They have worked together and individually over the past few years in different churches as well as at Servant Recording Studio. They have finally come togetheā€¦

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Retroactiv songs
  • Heaven's Narrow Road - parody of "7 Bridges Road"

  • Sweet Home in Heaven - parody of "Sweet Home Alabama"

  • Riding Your Storm Out - parody of "Ridin' the Storm Out"

  • Saving Soul Man - parody of "Soul Man"

  • WonderfulCounselor

  • Because of You

  • Jonah Ran - (parody of Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys)

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Monday, September 13, 2021
Very unique and interesting sound