Resort to Failsafe
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From: TX, United States

Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore, Happy

"Resort to Failsafe is tight, super-professional, and proficient, and, even though I know that the music biz –– nay, life itself –– is unfair, Resort to Failsafe is going places."

- Fort Worth Weekly

Resort to Failsafe started as the Brainchild of Guitarist Shane Carocci in 6th grade. He soon added the original members Andrew Salavarria and Cameron Butterfield. They began writing really crappy music in Shane's Room. Then in around 8th grade the band welcomed Drummer Addison Conley. The…

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  • RTF and the Holy Grail

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
After listing to "dead batter in my rc camera". I became a fan to resort to failsafe.