From: CA, United States

Dance/Electronica, Downtempo, IDM

People get hung up on the weirdest things. For Raygun Ballet, it's the lack of a working rocket car. Blasting the failings of 1950's futurism, Raygun Ballet's World That Wasn't is a wryly humorous requiem for the Amazing World of Tomorrow rhapsodized by old science fiction pulp novels and pre-sweetened cereal boxes — a world of promise that never survived puberty.

The album plays like a cache of archival recordings hidden away for decades. Rediscovered, dusted off, and then lovingly mangled with an assortment of digital widgets, World That Wasn't streams out a series of short subjects from a Brave New Otherworld. From game shows and atomic propaganda to inscrutable mysteries and (no kidding) an opus of elevator music played on children's toys, World That Wasn't is a strange world indeed.