Ray William Roldan and Broke Fence
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Country, Alt. Country, Americana Roots Rock

RAY WILLIAM ROLDAN and the Broke Fence Band

Ray (lead singer-songwriter, git and harp) is backed by Mark Hayes (lead git),

Luke Hayes (drums) & David Chamberlain (Bass) create a unique blend of

Americana Roots-Rock / Alt-Country music. With well written tunes

as attested to by worldwide airplay. Their latest CD release, "Where We Come

From" along with a sizeable catalog of original tunes makes for a great West

Coast Alt-Country Rock sound. With back up by John J.T. Thomas on Key's (Hornsby, Cafeā€¦

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  1. Black Top Fame by Ray William Roldan

  2. Falling Star
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