Rani Shachar
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From: Israel

Genre: Rock, Lyrical

"One of Israel's most intriguing contemporary artists" (Einav Schiff, Walla)

"One of the most outstanding musicians today" (Ronny Wertheimer, 88FM)

"The new Meir Ariel" (Channel 24)

"'Al tachzeri' (Don’t come back), – a stunningly beautiful ballad" (Moshe Morad, 88FM)

"Some songs are worthy of closed eyes. 'Al tachzeri'. Rani Shachar" (Avi Etgar, Kol Israel)

"Some songs are worthy of quiet contemplation. 'Al tachzeri' (Don’t come back),. Rani Shachar" (Avi Etgar, Kol Israel)

"Many songs w…

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    Al tachzeri
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    Lo tihi sheli
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