Quantum Level
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From: Finland

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Synth Pop, Dance

Quantum Level is a electronic music band from Kuopio, Finland. Before Quantum Level the band name was ATOPICA. Quantum Level compose melodic electronic music. Main genres: Synthpop, Electropop, Dance, Ambient, Techno, Chill Out, Classical etc.

Tomi "Youngfield" Antikainen

was born in 4th of March 1983 in Kuopio, Finland. Tomi has studied music since 3rd grade (1992) and he has graduated from Kuopio Senior High School of Music in 2002 and later from Kuopio conservatory musician’s degree programme in 2006…

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Videos From Quantum Level

  1. Light of Spring (Radio Edit) Music Video

  2. Infinity (Album Promo)

  3. Relax

  4. Ocean Blue

  5. Path

  6. Continuum (Album Promo)

  7. "Laulu Vieraalla Maalla" and "Joulu…

  8. Jesus the Light of the World

  9. Mystery (Theme of game B.A.L.L.O)

  10. Welcome to the Party

  11. Shadowman

  12. Heavens 1st, 2nd, 3rd Heaven

  13. Lucid Dream

  14. Heavens 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Heaven

  15. Heaven is Open

  16. Part IX Aurora Borealis

  17. Talvivaara

  18. Spacehymn
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