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From: Canada

Rock, Blues, Rock and Roll

Buried deep in the heart of the town Anola, Manitoba, amongst the empty beer cans and amplifiers came the quartet known to Winnipeg as Quagmire. Quagmire was born in 2002 baring the first blue covered demo with 13 rough songs recorded in the small, spray painted shack on an 8 track but it wasn't until May of 2004 that the band had completed the Quagmire family. They set out on the gravel roads and moved the gritty, punk rock to the city venues playing to whoever happened to stagger into the bar that night or in the cement walled basements of dirty houses. Quagmire came out with a bang by shocking spectators with Shane's (Hollywood) charismatic bare bottom, broken glass and blood shed. Their first show was at the notorious CBGB of Canada, The Royal Albert where Quagmire found their new home on The Albert stage. It wasn't long before word got around and people just had to see for themselves what the buzz was all about. However, a live Quagmire show came with a warning; Be prepared because anything can happen. After playing live shows in various venues, loudly making their name known, the quartet ditched the stage and headed out to a studio in Grand Beach, Manitoba to record their first album One For The Ditch. The result was an arrangement of songs that carried the undertones of Rock n' Roll, Blues, Country and Punk Rock all mashed together and stirred with a load of moonshine. One would describe it as almost schizophrenic. The first round of CD's flew out of their hands and it wasn't long before the Quagmire following grew not only in size but in excitement. Kids would show up to gigs trying anything to sneak in, proudly showing off their home-made tattooed "Q" or hand crafted t-shirts and patches. Papers even started buzzing and dubbed them "The Albert House Band" claiming "Quagmire is the best live band in Winnipeg...maybe in years" (-Phil Heidenreich "Nerve Magazine", July 2006). Their songs such as "Grease The Pig" and "Drinkin' Down at The Bar" became known word for word and as "Winnipeg's anthem [that] should be played, loudly, at all hockey games. " (Chris Walter, Author of "I was a Punk Before You Were a Punk", August 2008 ). In January 2006 following the CD release they shared the stage with Nine Pound Hammer, a band among their list of favorites. In January 2007 Quagmire recorded a 5 song demo with "Matt ****" that displayed their progression that now leaned more toward Rock n' Roll with such songs as "Fix Jones" and "New Vice" and included a cover of Rolling Stones "Get Off My Cloud". The progression also included every member contributing original songs to the mesh of music that makes Quagmire what it is; a sound that is impossible to replicate. Quagmire continues to create music that appeals to more than one genre of music creating a dynamic sound and versatile following of Quagmireables. In May of 2009 Quagmire went back into the studio to create the sequel to One For The Ditch. Now introducing Don't Forget The Blowtorch. Quagmire's second full length album is another set of conglomerate, speaker blaring songs that will make you want to grab a beer and head for the country. But you'll just have to hear for yourself.