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From: PA, United States

World, Neo Eclectic, New Age


"Neo Eclectic" Composer Prh has produced numerous original works in the “inn-house” Concert and the “Collections” series that are currently available on most internet music clouds including iTunes and Facebook [Prh]. Each original work a concert, a musical mosaic, a tasty sonic collage of tracks of diverse genres smoothly interacting offering listeners a unique sonic journey.

Dubbed “Music for the 21st Century” by one reviewer [iTunes Review 8/2007], this music offers a different approach to composition based on “breakthroughs” in computer technology.

The advent of the computer and related software have afforded composers a wide sound pallet and unparalleled flexibility to create works of divergent genres interwoven both within a track and in a work [CD]. Specifically, these new capacities allow for the liberal mixture and interweaving, cross culturally, of diverse musical genres, styles, voicing, textures and shadings into multi-dimensional combinations both within a particular track as well as throughout each work. The result is a unique Concert with diverse musical elements presenting an interesting and cohesive musical odyssey. Genres span such types as Classical, Jazz and World, as well as mixing time periods and instruments within each.

These works now present listeners with tracks approximating the same length as most commercial tracks, yet they offer a very different approach, an approach, which focuses on melody drawing from very diverse musical elements. Whether listening in Concert Hall or on a home system or just as background, the music allows for an interesting, appealing and unique experience.

From the first release in 2004 of “eclectic” through the latest “inwards” 2011, these works [11] have been well received generating consistent interest and sales worldwide.

Designated as:

- Top Albums List: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011*

*Cdbaby [], a leading Indie Internet music site.

- iTunes 5 Star Reviews: 2007, 2008, and 2010


Full PRH archive available on: Facebook, iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, prhstudios and most other Internet music clouds. [Most have free clips]

Facebook page “Prh” has clips and updates.

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Periodically there will be a focus and comments on each of the various works.