PoolEck Music / Outlaw Shadows
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From: AZ, United States

Genre: Rock, Acoustic, Country

POOLECK MUSIC / OUTLAW SHADOWS: Michael Pool, Roxanne Eck and Terry Shull are song writers and performers from Southern Arizona in the USA. Mike and Roxanne have worked together for 14 yrs., with Terry joining about 3 yrs. ago. They have been involved in music most of their lives. Roxanne has recorded in several of the best studios in Los Angeles, working with established musicians and recording engineers. She studied vocals under some of the top vocal coaches such as Lisa Popeil and Seth Riggs.


PoolEck Music / Outlaw Shadows songs

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  1. Outlaw Shadows - Road Less Traveled

  2. Outlaw Shadows - Now I'm Blue

  3. Outlaw Shadows - Sleep

  4. Outlaw Shadows - Riddles And Dreams

  5. Outlaw Shadows - Olberg Road

  6. Outlaw Shadows - Let The Boy Run

  7. Outlaw Shadows - The Well's Gone Dry

  8. Outlaw Shadows - Taken

  9. Outlaw Shadows - Silly Willy Blane

  10. Outlaw Shadows - Face In The Mirror

  11. Outlaw Shadows - The Law of Karma

  12. You're Music To Me - Outlaw Shadows

  13. Little Money Maker - Outlaw Shadows

  14. PoolEck Music - Caught In The Middle Live

  15. Outlaw Shadows - Forsaken Son
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