Plamedie Katusevanako

From: OH, United States of America

Genre: Christian/Gospel, Christian/Gospel

Born in December 9th 2000, Plamedie Katusevanako is a gospel singer and songwriter. She began singing when she was 5 years old with her brother Ervens Katusevanako. She has been living in Ohio-Cleveland (United States) since September 2016. Unconditional love is the first album of her solo career recorded from Canada in July 2017.

Plamedie Katusevanako songs
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  • Jesus name

  • Mon ami enfant Plamedie Katusevanako

  • Carnaval Plamedie Katusevanako

  • Halleluyah

  • Nzambe Ya Mabota Plamedie Katusevanako

  • Carnaval Plamedie Kutusevanako

  • You Won't let me down

  • I m found in you Pamedie Katusevanako

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    Plamedie Adore
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    What I feel
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    Infinite love
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