Philadelphia Slick
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From: PA, United States

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

As a hip hop band, Philadelphia Slick feels obligated to keep their ears tuned into everything. They cherish rap music because of its ability to cut across styles, tying differences together with drum loops, bass lines, and poetry. Funk, Soul, and Jazz were starting points, but the group has since branched out to incorporate classical, tango, techno, and other genres into their music. What results is a sound that is “both retro and futuristic in equal doses” according to Under the Radar. At times a tight tr…

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  • Not At All f. Hayley Cass

Videos From Philadelphia Slick
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    Not At All
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    Everything Must Go
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    Helium Video
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    Rap TV 2 Live - Philly Slick Plays MF DOOM
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