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From: WA, US

Rock, Blues, Adult Contemporary

Phankl, the truncated name for singer/songwriter Phil Klahn's solo projects, features tight pop/rock tunes that collide with folk, blues, synth and classical influences.

His latest album, Ester Park, was born amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic, and reverberates with the sense of loss, and hope of revival. Phankl explores the pantheon of pop/rock styles, from the anthemic synth pop of Ester Park, to the driving Chasing It Down, to the near country vibe of the whimsical Again. Each track takes the listener down unique lyrical and sonic paths

Blurring the lines of fiction and reality, Known Entity's greatest hits is the companion music to the book 'Known Entity - An Unauthorized History'. The book is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook, it weaves the music of the band Known Entity into the story of the enigmatic ficitional band.

Described as "an adult contemporary take on rock and blues, with touches of nerd", Phankl is the name for songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, and producer Phil Klahn's solo work. After exploring guitar-based blues and rock in the first two Phankl projects, "Large Lard Canard" and "Rare Indigo", Phil returned to his first instrument, the piano, for the 3rd Phankl project, "The Weather." This was followed by the eclectic and ambitious "Act Ur Age", featuring the enigmatic title track and the bouncy relationship tune, "Neither Nor".