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Although I was growing up in Czech Republic as a child, when it was a communist country, I had freedom to go and run wild and free in the forests surrounding my home. I was 10 when my parents decided to leave the country. My brother and I had no idea. My parents told us at the end of a holiday in another country, we weren’t going back home. We ended up migrating to Melbourne Australia and I have been here since. As a teenager, although I had love for music, I lost interest due to having no support. My parents separated when I was 17 and I left school for work. Between then and now, I had been in 4 relationships and gone through different jobs including having my own Interior business and a cafe. After I sold my cafe I became extremely unwell. I had no life force, had to be forced to eat and I just didn’t function mentally. My body just gave up. Being put on a strict diet by a natural path, It took around 3 months for me to regain strength in my body. I was experiencing anxiety when I tried going out into public with other issues arising around me on top. At this point of time a lot went through my mind and I wanted my life to change. I decided to do Acting classes to build back my confidence. Although it wasn’t my intention to take Acting serious, I did have fun and since have been in 36 student and independent films. In 2019 I got my first bit part in a TV film “Hungry Ghosts.” Although acting had been great help for rebuilding confidence, something still wasn’t right within me. A psychic told me to try Kinesiology. This changed so much for me. I learned about body, mind, belief and how much effects us while being unconsciously unaware.

Besides Acting and Painting helping me heal and be creative, I also started writing lyrics. I didn’t have much of a voice at this time. After hearing one of my songs having music written for it, I got inspired to learn how to play the song on guitar. Few years later, one morning I wrote lyrics for the song “One day I wish.” It was through a time when all the negative experiences I had lived through my life started effecting me on the inside very deep. With the heaviness of what was going on at this point of my life, everything was pulling me down in many ways. I took my song to a producer asking for help. It was a bit of a struggle working on my voice for couple years. During this time my second marriage ended, and although my mother was unhappy about my split, she bought me a guitar and gave me support with my music. My ex husband Nathan and I have peace between us. He helped me bring up my daughter and I appreciate the support he has given her as a step father. My daughter is a young beautiful lady who is extremely creative in many ways.

While working on my voice and trying to create this one song, I started going through very deep healing. My music just started flowing through me and within couple years I had 10 songs, and still working on my voice. I started to use more frequently a technique I had been using for part of my healing, correcting affirmations on my body. As I used this technique, my intuition grew stronger, I became more relaxed, I felt more carefree and I noticed my voice change and becoming calmer and easier to listen to. I also noticed with the technique I was using, I began to disconnect and un program my subconscious mind of negative experiences, judgments, fears, imprinted by me and others being unaware. I continue to use this technique for self and others because it also helps create forward movement and so much more. I myself have the ability to shift pain and take others emotions and this ability has also grown after going through my healing process. Music has been a big part of my healing process as well and I am extremely grateful to the person I was guided to, Danny Lopez, who opened my energy to my music and is an extremely talented musician.

What ever you have lived, find a way to let go and heal. Create peace within.