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From: United States

Pop, Acoustic, Funk

If you log on to and take a look at Paul's credit list, it reads like a "who's who" of the entertainment industry... Of multi-ethnic parents, Sicilian/Korean, he grew up in a multi-cultural and musical environment... His father, an opera singer/music teacher, started him with piano lessons at age 6. After experimenting with various band instruments in school, he realized the guitar was his "instrument of choice" at the age of 12. "I really wanted to play drums, but my parents wouldn't let me."...At the age of nine, Paul's father moved the family to Germany to sing opera professionally. On an antique tube radio, that he found, he would listen to one of the only English speaking radio stations in Germany beside the BBC, "AFN, The Armed Forces Network". He became a major fan of Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Al Green, Santana, Steely Dan, Memphis, Motown and the Philly sound etc...Basically, the funk and rock of the late 60's and early 70's... Moving back to the States, Paul finished school and knew pursuing a career in music was the only choice for him. "My heroes were the session players on all the hit songs that I heard on the radio. I would read the credits on record covers and would keep seeing the names of certain players who helped make the record. I knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be like Larry Carlton or Eliot Randall. They played on everybody's records." Moving back to the United States would prove advantageous... His family relocated to Long Island, NY. Playing in bands in high school, but almost completely avoiding the club scene, Paul moved to New York City. "I learned about this place, Studio Instrument Rentals, where many of the top artists would rehearse. I got a job there as a rehearsal tech, setting up equipment for bands like Aerosmith, Kiss, and Foreigner. SIR would often be the place where bands would hold auditions. One day, a French artist, Patrick Hernandez, was auditioning background singers for tour. I think about 300 singers came through that day. I met one of the singers that got the gig. She said her name was Madonna. Little did I know, in the not so distant future, I would be auditioning for her. What's so cool about this is, not only did I get the gig playing guitar in her band. I also played on the demos that ultimately landed her record deal with Sire Records."... While working at SIR, Paul befriended the group, Atlantic Starr. For their '82 "Radiance" tour, they needed someone to play 2nd guitar and keyboards. They asked him to join them for the tour. He gladly accepted the gig. Upon returning to New York, Paul found out that Madonna had been signed to Sire Records and had a song,"Everybody", on the radio. He ended up playing guitar on the songs, "Lucky Star" and "Burning Up" for her first album. And played on the subsequent "Virgin Tour" and her famous "Live Aid" performance. Paul went on to record and tour with Annie Lennox, Steve Winwood, Chaka Kahn, Hall and Oates, The System, Jeff Lorber, Whitney Houston, George Benson, Joan Baez, Al Green, C&C Music Factory, Celine Dion, Herb Alpert, Mary J.Blige, Bob James and Earl Klugh,KC & Jojo, J-Lo, the list goes on... "I feel very fortunate to have worked with so many successful artists. I try, every time I go into the studio or on stage, to contribute something of myself. Not so much as to put my stamp on things, but to bring something that will compliment the song. Maybe even add an additional hook or ear candy. Hopefully, I have accomplished that in some way."... In '92, the group, U2, requested Paul's presence to help arrange and sequence their "Zoo TV" tour... In '93, Paul played on Madonna's "Erotica" album and joined "The Girlie Show" world tour... In '95, Paul joined Hall and Oates for their "Marigold Sky" album, and wound up recording and touring with the group for the next five years. "I remember meeting Jerry Moratta on 48th st, one day in the early eighties. Not only the drummer for the band, Orleans, but also an excellent producer and session musician. He had been working with a band that I was in. He said he was on his way to the studio and I could tag along if I wanted to. I accepted the invitation. It was a session for Hall and Oates. I just parked myself in a corner and watched and listened to them work out a harmony part. All at once, they both looked up at me and asked who I was. I stuttered: "J-J-Jerry's friend, he said that I could a..." They just shook their heads and said:"Look, this is a closed session. You'll have to leave." They kicked me out of the studio! The funny thing is that years later they would be calling me to come into the studio and play." In 2000, Paul co-wrote and played on H&O's hit album "Do It For Love". The title track from this cd spent several weeks at number one on the Billboard New AC Chart... More recently, Paul was musical director for J-Lo for her "Saturday Night Live", "Women's World Cup" performances and her "NBC Concert Special from Puerto Rico". He played guitar on the hit song "Play". "Working with Anders Bagge was a lot of fun. The session went fairly quickly. The song has a strong funk groove. I just started playing the first thing that came to my head. And he loved it. One of the best things about doing this sort of work is when you get to hear it on the radio or in a movie."... Paul was also the MD for one of Jessica Simpson's first performances on television, "The Oprah Show"... Alejandro Sanz had Paul join his band for a short tour in the US and Dominican Republic... In 2001, Paul engineered and produced Lauryn Hill's XM Radio Live Performance recording from the CES convention in Las Vegas... In 2003, Paul joined the PME 5 with Peter Michael Escovedo, to be the house band for "The Wayne Brady Show". He also toured with Wayne and Friends for his live show. Not unlike "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"... Paul has also performed on "American Idol" playing guitar with Tamira Gray... In 2005, the PME 5 was the house band for the VH-1 show, "But Can They Sing?"... Also in 2005, Paul joined the Dave Weckl Band for six tracks on the "Multiplicity" album... 2005/'06 Paul was musical director for Constantine Maroulis' for several performances, including The House Of Blues. Also, in Hollywood, Constantine sang an original song called,"Thank You" that he and Paul co-wrote and put together for an impromptu performance at a private party for the American Idol contestants... Slated for July 2006, Paul will be playing in the band for the new ABC TV show, "The One"... You may have heard Paul playing on: 1. The original"Cotton"TV ad with Richie Havens(Cleo winner) 2. The original "Hot Pockets" TV ad 3. The Fox NFL theme 4. An Evening at the Improv...theme writer/producer 5. C&C Music Factory..."Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)","Things That Make You Go Hmm"... Paul has also contributed to the music of film; 1. Beat Street, guitar/ actor 2.Wild Orchid. music production/composer, 3. Roxanne music production/composer, 4. Fried Green Tomatoes guitar 5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer guitar/ Celebrity Extra Vampire 6. Coming To America guitar 7. Encino Man guitar/keyboards 8. The Secret Of My Success guitar 9. Robots, guitar 10.Be Cool, guitar 11.The Canary Effect Documentary, Composer/Sound Designer (2006 Tribeca Film Festival) 12. "Banished"The Lost Boys Of Polygamy Documentary, Composer 13.Happy Feet,Guitar; Recently, Paul rejoined the band with Daryl Hall and John Oates as musical director and guitarist after the passing of T-Bone Wolk, Paul is also the guitarist and md for "Live From Daryl's House" the internet and soon to be television music show, Look out for Daryl Hall's new cd which Paul is co-producing with Daryl, Jerry Wonda, from The Fugees, has welcomed Paul into his musical family, Paul has been playing guitar on almost everything that Jerry has been producing... For a more comprehensive credit list go to or