From: NY, United States

Folk, Rock

Paul Hudson is a folk / rock musician living in New York City. Paul plays both the piano and the guitar and likes to keep his sets active by changing the instrumentation often. Born in Atlanta, Paul grew up in a world of southern and classic rock.

He released his new album Borrow the Moment in October 2011 and his debut EP Places to Begin in February 2005. Paul also published a travel memoir, Prelude to Tomorrow, in February 2008 (available on and

Borrow the Moment was recorded by Mike Rogers of The Hill and Hifi Productions at Diamond Needle Recording in New York. The album was mastered by Scott Hull of Masterdisk.

"Paul Hudson is a renaissance man: Author, ardent traveler, outdoorsman, guitarist, songwriter, pianist, working stiff, and the driving force behind Winter Jam, one of the great (and surely the most raucous) annual musical happenings in New York City. Winter Jam is largely for and by Southerners stuck in The Big City, and it seems to me Borrow the Moment is about that experience, too. I'm annoyed to have to add it to Paul's already overly long and impressive list of accomplishments." —Will Welch, Senior Editor, GQ

"Hudson is a sensible, yet playful, songwriter who delivers refreshing southern rock with an ear for tightly tuned production." — Lissy Rosemont, The Junior League Band