Patrick Dwyer
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Acoustic, Folk-Pop

Backwoods grit meets Hollywood glitz, Patrick has a 21st century edge, with 1950's charm. His lyrics invite happy souls and broken hearts alike, where one can easily get lost in not only the catchy melodies, but also the heartfelt lyrics. His music boasts a dirt road sound with hints of paved highway, conjoined with pop sensibility. Patrick and his music have started making waves in and around Hollywood. His reputation will continue to grow, as his music's timeless quality ensures him a place in the music i…

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    The Walking Dead: Come Wander with Me
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    Scarecrow: Live from the Thom Thom Club
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    Death of the West: Live from the Thom Thom Club
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    Cosmic Love
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