From: Brazil

Pop, Rock, Indie

Paolo was born and raised in the country side of Sao Paulo in Brazil, he started to play the guitar at the very early age of 8, and professionally at 18, he studied music in college and can play a wide range of styles from Bolsa nova to Samba to blues and many others, his unique style of playing guitar took him abroad and has given a different edge on his covers of famous songs, making him very popular among passengers on cruise ships where he is currently performing, and it was on board the ship Norwegian Epic that he met fellow Brazilian songwriter/creative & music video director Anderson Vasconcelos.

Paolo has written many songs in Portuguese but was lacking lyrics in English and that's where Anderson comes in. Anderson was working as International Guest Services and Translator for the ship and his ability to speak 6 languages help him developed his way with the words. They began working together on a version of one of Paolo’s pop ballad "Tudo de Novo" which become "Over and Over"

Then they wrote his current single "Excuse U", and from there things started to go very fast and together they wrote 12 original songs for what is going to be Paolo’s English debut album. Paolo ability to play anything was crucial to develop a very eclectic and interesting album, from songs hanging from Rock, pop and even Jazz, but it all came together in the end brilliantly. They both wanted to make sure that the melody matched the lyrics and to be a perfect combination between harmony and words, Anderson is working on the creative side and artist aspect of the entire project working as guide and mentor to Paolo’s unique talent.

The album is currently under independent production by them, and they both are enjoying very much this amazing journey they started together.