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Pacific Division, better known as Pac Div, is a rap trio that originated in Southern California and is signed to Universal Motown Records. It is composed of two brothers, Like and Mibbs, and a long time friend and acquaintance, BeYoung. They started to rap together in High School. Originally Pac Div was a group of eleven boys in high school, but knowing that they could not keep it that way, in 2005 they shrunk the group down to three, Mibbs, Like, and Be Young. When Microwave Music influenced most young rappers, they were influenced by old school hip-hop, and it shows through their videos and unique style.


Pac Div's first mixtape, released in 2006, was a thematic mixtape named Sealed for Freshness: The Blend Tape. It talked about their lives as average hip youth which related to their target market. Being relatable appealed to a mass market of Hipsters, which began their success and placed them in famed magazines, such as: Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Source. It also gained approval of hip-hop hotshots: Ludacris, ?uestlove, Pharrell Williams, Talib Kweli, and 9th Wonder. Their success helped them go international, opening for big names like Nas, Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes, Ice-T, and Ludacris. Their manager at the time Terry Smith, Danny Carter and music executive Earl Johnson (The Brolly Group) seeing great potential in the group, they made some calls to some key industry executives. Sylvia Rhone was first to jump on board to make Pacific Division and The Brolly Group, dreams come true.

All the success and fame achieved from their first mixtape, which was released by The Brolly Group along with their first music video F.A.T Boys. The group released two more mixapes, Church League Champions and Don't Mention It.Church League Champions consisted of three singles: "Mayor", "Whiplash" and "Young Black Male". "Don't Forget the Swishers," on their mixtape "Don't Mention It," featured Cleveland-based rapper Chip tha Ripper.In 2008, after offers from many major labels the group decided to sign with Universal Motown Records and they are currently getting ready for their first debut album release, Grown Kid Syndrome in 2011. Pac Div wants to craft their album to mainly focus on making sure that their live show is going to be live and exciting. After burning relation with their first management and their personal relationship with Terry Smith, Danny Carter and music executive Earl Johnson (The Brolly Group) for never paying them for securing them their Universal Records label deal, along with paid shows, tours, and commercial opportunities that was brought by The Brolly Group, before moving over to Ch'rewd Management. They are managed by Christopher Watkins for Ch'rewd Management and their booking agent, Cara Lewis of The William Morris Agency. In 2011 they released their fourth mixtape Mania!. They also performed the single "Anti-freeze" from their mixtape Mania! in Tammany Hall in Massachusetts. In 2011, in an interview with billboard Pac Div talked about their move to Grand Hustle Records and how it has affected them. Mibbs said that "It's been totally positive. It's just a different type of grind with this new management. The energy fits more of what we're trying to do. We're really trying to hustle. That's what Grand Hustle is about. Laughs." When asked about Lil B's new album entitled "I'm Gay" the group responded saying that "He can name it whatever he wants. I think he's talented guy. It sounds like he's trying to push himself to perfection. His work is more developed, that's because he cares. I'm hoping for the best." They also commented on how their upcoming album Grown Kid Syndrome has changed since it started saying that "Some of the records we last talked about are still on there. If anything, we hooked up with No I.D. and made a dope ass track called "Greatness." We hooked up with Jim Jonsin, he had some records for us. I produced a couple of joints that we previously didn't have. I've been working hard at that. We've been bottling up the same aesthetic as our last albums but with a bit of evolution where you can still can hear us."