From: FL, United States

Hip Hop/Rap

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Pony Xodus stands to remind today's music listeners of hip-hop and rap of the foundations in which the culture was based. The DJ, the b-boy (or b-girl), the graph artist, and of course the emcee. "The culture isn't the same as it was when I fell in love with it." the emcee states. "Actually it is the same, it's just the powers that be who control it now have their own agenda of what our culture should represent. So there's alot of wackness on tv and radio." Claiming to draw his inspirations from artists such as Public Enemy, NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Gangstarr, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and of course Tupac Shakur, the Florida emcee states that his sole purpose is to give people music that won't fade from their memory after a year. "I try to make generational music, later for that one hit flavor of the month because it has a catchy chorus crap....For me its DOES IT (the music) RESONATE WITH YOU EMOTIONALLY? When the music stops, what have you gained from the (listening) experience?" With the release of DEATH TRAP, a song that takes sharp aim at some of today's mainstream rap artists, many would think PX (as he prefers to be called) is looking to invoke emotions of frustrations in listeners who seemingly have all but been forced to listen to overkill of artists whose lyrical content constantly focuses on money, cars, having haters, drugs, and women. "I mean enough already, we get it!" he says. "I mean we all know what street life is about,...stop trying to make it seem like that's all we have to be about. Every kid from the ghetto isn't stuck in that same dismal mentality, or WANT to be for that matter. Hip-hop isn't about accepting our situation and being content, hip-hop is about reminding America that we're surviving and we're gonna make it out regardless of the situation. We (artists) gotta stop being so self absorbed in our own success, and let our talents be tools to give our people and communities hope."...And hope is what PX seems to want to display on the track DEAR GOD. A emotional infectious song that finds itself at the opposite end of the spectrum in contrast to the venomous DEATH TRAP,...with Dear God we find PX seeming to be at a vulnerable point of reflection on his life, his career, his marriage, and his children. "Life is about learning. I'm far from perfect, but just because I am doesn't mean I shouldn't strive to be."

With both DEATH TRAP and DEAR GOD beginning to build some buzz, Pony Xodus could very well be the new breath of fresh air that hip-hop has been missing. Banging trunk knocking beats, unapologetic lyrics and a artist in touch with his culture and community. His album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL is slated for release March 11th, 2017.