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From: Portugal

Dance/Electronica, Singer/Songwriter, Freestyle sound+light

amazing to be able to share music/love here. hello!

new intro

regrouped all my projects in one. im just one too=) here is PDRPRTS

luis lancaster, robert neville, and pedro prates

all a free download on soundcloud

great to share!

old intro

this is freestyle for better or worse, true sound of moment, improvisation recordings shared for letting go.

all songs recorded freestyle, except for circo de feras.

all songs composed by pedro prates improvising as recorded, except

* circo de feras by xutos & pontapes, with excerpts of splitz enz (i hope i never), u2 (ultraviolet), and robert neville (purple blond).

* in my life by the beatles

* final touches in 'through the valley' by tears for fears and beyonce

* we'll remain is also inspired by jose gonzalez

* home call (on the setagaya wind) taking inspiration also from angelo badalamenti, radiohead, the rolling stones, sigur ros, and moby.

* whisper nod (on the setagaya wind) getting inspired by the crowded house and four tet

- will keep adding to this list as i remember more=) -

if you like electronic sound, come by luis lancaster for dedicated and Robert Neville for experimental, here at jango too. thank you!