From: United States

World, New Age, Contemporary Jazz

The restful piano recording "Of Time and Place: Passages for Piano" marks Nick Farr's eighth album of original compositions and is sure to please its listeners. With mesmerizing melodies and haunting harmonies, Nick revisits his love for solo piano. Fans of "And So It Is" should really enjoy the vast array of musical moods as well as the softer subtleties in this collection of songs. Featured on this record are the timeless "As Once It Was", "Love So Kind and Pure", and "The River Winds On".

A View from Within is Nick's seventh recording and showcases some of his most adventurous work to date. This intriguing album includes soul-inspiring piano solos, cool jazz tunes and grand orchestral works and is sure to please the most sophisticated listeners. For the fans of the hit song "And So It Is", "Refuge" will bring a smile to listeners' hearts and ears. "Concerto Americana" makes its debut--a bold, yet evocative composition filled with intricacies and nuances. And "Never Knew", "Here Goes" and "Summerset" make this collection an absolute must-have.

Nick’s sixth recording The Ever Present Now wowed listeners with the hits “And So It Is” and “Not If, But When”. This work earned a prestigous # 1 on Top 100 Airwaves Chart and ranked on Top 100 iTunes Chart for New Age. His fifth recording, Keep Moving, hit the airwaves strongly as well, coming in hot at at # 3. A jazzier set, this recording shows Farr’s skills at composing up-tempo tunes with more different instruments and far-ranging songwriting.

Farther, Farr’s 2000 release, held the respectable # 1 position for November having debuted at # 3 on the New Age Voice Airwaves chart in October 2000. It remained in the Top 40 for six months as well as on Top 20 radio lists well into 2002. Farther has been used in film and television as theme and background music—a setting that is well suited for the composer’s wide range of styles.

Fahrenheit, his third release, hit the NAV Top 100 for airplay in September 1999. Old River, New Water, released in 1998, is a bold, percussive set that shows more of the composer’s unique composition styles. Farr's 1996 debut album, Winterbourne, set a serene stage around the piano. And with much the contemporary classical influence, the album fast became a favorite of lovers of piano and ensemble works.

Farr began his journey into music at the age of five with classical piano training. Later, as piano became more love than work, the writing process began again. Since that time, he has focused on a type of music and composition with which he is most proficient and comfortable—a style of writing concentrating on memorable melodies based around the piano intertwined with guitars, horns, woodwinds, percussion, strings and synthesizers. As a result, through rich soundscapes of enthralling ensemble and thoughtful solo, Nick's distinctive music takes each listener on an auditory journey into his creative imagination.