From: NY, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, R&B

At the young age of 12, Nero began spitting rhymes in every park, throughout the Bronx, where he’s from. Growing up in the BX, literally the motherland of Hip-Hop, helped to lay the foundation for the creativity behind Nero’s bars! Although, Nero is masterful at mixing together verbs and adjectives, he can do way more than just lay down a hard 16 on a beat.

Losing his mom as a teenager, was a very hard blow and a wound that has still not been able to heal. She was Nero's "go-to" person and he still remembers when she would tell him what sounded ok and what was a hit! With his mom always stressing for Nero to be different from the norm, he considers himself a music artist, because of his ability to adapt his music to real-life situations that he and others have gone through in their own respective lives. It’s because of these reasons that Nero has begun to captivate such a wide-range of listeners (Teens to middle-aged, across music genres). His music is relatable to a broad spectrum of fans. This is mainly due to his early musical influences as a kid were Eminem, Cassidy, Nore and Linkin Park.

This broad spectrum of genres, can account for diversity of Nero’s music. With OVER 50,000+ Google searches and with tens of thousands of collective plays and views on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal and SoundCloud, the "Got-Barz" part of Nero's nis quickly becoming a household name throughout New York City! His intelligence and perseverance are the fuel to his ambitions to be the best at his craft. Something like a Renascence painter with a street hustler’s mentality. Nero’s ultimate goal is to make music that people everywhere can enjoy and make part of their personal life story!!