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From: North Carolina,United States

Nem-iz, born Von Ryan Manago in Jersey City, New Jersey at Christ Hospital on April 6, 1983, is the best rapper out right now. He is the youngest of three. This successful C.E.O of Writer's Blokk didn't have it easy growing up. He and his mother lived in the basement of an apartment building with his father, who was a struggling muscian. “I never really knew my dad because he passed away when I was young.After the passing of his father, Nem-iz and his mother were forced to live in a homeless shelter for a little until his mother could save up enough money to rent out an apartment.

Aside from his dad, Nem-iz was also influenced by his brother Norris, who also composed and sang r&b, but later passed from "Sickle-Cell." Nem-iz started writing hip-hop and r&b at the age of 9. Music runs heavily in his family, from his father, brother, and down to his cousin who is one of hip-hop's female icons (Cheryl "James" Wray) Salt from the group Salt and Pepper.

At the age of 17 Nem-iz met a dj from 107.5 (WBLS) New York radio by the name of Dashin Don Allen (R.I.P) who heard about Nem-iz and liked what he heard. Immediately, he had Nem-iz do radio drops for his show which, aired on Saturday mornings from 8-12.

In 11th grade, Nem-iz was eager to get into the game and signed with an indie label in which he released his first compilation album. “The cd went fast." Over 5,000 copies were sold with the help of his street team G.H.O.S.T SQUAD in New York and New Jersey.

Being influenced by his brother and learning the fundamentals about rap from his boy, Nem-iz developed his own style. His unique style and sound made him one of the first suburban rappers that a lot of people can relate too. He's able to tell the ins and outs from which a lot of people find hard to glorify-sort to speak. The energy in his music, as well as the real talk in his rhyme, sets Nem-iz apart from any other rapper out there.

Even with the passing of his mother (Elaine Shedrick) November 19, 2006, due to liver and kidney failure during her by-pass surgury and with the shocking news of her having H.I.V and, also despite being homeless at the same point in time, Nem still managed to finish up his first LP called (NOTHIN' 2 LOSE).

Threw the trials and tribulations Nem-iz still manages to land his way on the back cover along with a 2 page interview of a very popular magazine in G.A with Ray Lavender on the front called Indie Magazine and, also the cover of Disc Makers. Nem-iz has also landed ringtone deals threw major wireless providers along with many other outlet oppertunities.

Through Nem's struggle; pain and sorrow: Comes great success. Nem-iz is a proud father, and enjoys quility time with his son who is a mircale child. Nem was expecting twins but unfortunately his daughter passed away weeks after she was born. “My twins were premies." My son was 1.8oz and my daughter was 1.9oz. `"It's life whether good or bad GOD has a plan for everyone so i live every moment taking it day by day"