Nathan Speir
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From: NC, United States

Genre: Classical, New Age , Ambient

Composing music since the age of twelve, Nathan Speir has long enjoyed the journey of music. Nathan has drawn his orginal style from his influence from the classical and jazz composers as well as many of the new age artists such as Yianni, George Winston, Enigma, Patrick OHearn, Enya, Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach, and Vangelis. Since his first listening to the Hearts of Space and Echos radio program in 1995, Nathan Speir has joined the trek of contemporary instrumental and timeless music of the heart and so…

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  • Passing Charcole Clouds

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    Part of a Kindly Plan album trailer
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    A Taste of Solace
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    Improv. Session
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    A Stream of Thought
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    Between Earth & Sky
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    Legend of The Pelican
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    Facing In
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