From: Canada

Metal, Industrial, Electronic

Industrial Metal? Cyber Metal? Trance Metal?

Whatever it's being called this week, Nanochrist pair up distorted guitars and buzzing synthesizers in an attempt to drag metal by the hair, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.

Reviled by the so-called "purists" of metal and electronic music alike, Nanochrist gleefully offend both groups by having the unmitigated audacity to blend multiple genres into one cohesive whole.

Much like their hometown of Toronto, Canada, Nanochrist feel that their cultural mosaic of musical genres is their greatest strength, despite the jeers of the confused and ignorant, who desperately cling to their outdated prejudices due to a pitiable musical xenophobia.

Information Disease, the 7th release from Nanochrist, was recorded in the band's studio during the winter of 2013, following their cross-Canada tour in support of their previous album, "Erase the Sky".

"Grab some NIN, mix in some Killing Joke and finish it all with a bit of Fear Factory.... stunning!" -